VisionPro CVB Driver Releases


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The VisionPro CVB Driver 2.0.3 was released.

It can be downloaded on our websites and here: CVB Driver

Release Notes:

  • Added: Support for 16Bit mono images.

  • Added: Added TriggerSource as INI-File parameter which is used if external camera trigger is configured in the application.
    This overrides the initial trigger source which is read out during start of the application.
    But the initial trigger source is still used to set it back to the initial value when the application is closed.

  • Added: Added trace Log Output for Set/Get Gain and Set/Get Exposuretime in the Camera Class.

  • Added: Added Writing of volatile Genicam Features like PacketSize,PacketDelay if the camera is reconnected.
    Bugfix in handling the Triggermode and TriggerSource which could lead to a situation where
    the TriggerSource as changed to “Software” even if AutoSoftwareTrigger is disabled.
    After reconnect the TriggerMode and TriggerSource are reset to the value before the disconnect.

  • Change: Internal rewritten code for a more generalized approach to be able to
    use functionaility from other 3rd Party CVB Drivers like the Sherlock CVB Driver

  • Change: Acquisition changed to async Acquisition with a seperate thread using the pending flag
    to inform VisionPro if an image is available or not.

  • Change: If an error occurs while changing TriggerActivation if Trigger Mode is set to hardware
    This error will be ignored.
    It could be that changing the TriggerActivation is not supported by
    the camera. But the trigger will still work. So we ignore the error for the
    use at this point. An error will be logged ether way.

  • Bugfix: The enumeration of GenICam features was wrong so that even non public features where displayed

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The new Version 2.0.4 was released.

It can be downloaded here:
VisionPro CVB Driver

Release Notes:

  • Fixes wrong reconnect handling.If a VisionPro timeout occurred a reconnect of a disconnected camera was ignored.

The new Version 2.0.6 is now released.

It can be downloaded here:
VisionPro CVB Driver

Release Notes:

Fixed error which was introduced in version Version 2.0.0. It was not possible to use the DeviceTL Nodemap (e.g. Grabber Nodemap) from the driver if the Device Nodemap was not available.


The new Version 2.1.0 is now released.

It can be downloaded here:
VisionPro CVB Driver

Release Notes:

  • Fixed issue with the acquisition in some cases
  • Not supported settings are not visible anymore in the settings tab of the driver.