Linescan Application | Aborted image in start - stop application

The GenICamBrowser does have his own Timeout in %CVBDATA%Applications\GenICamBrowser.xml

You can change it there if necessary. :wink:

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The timeout value is used by the classic API’s G2Wait call if you don’t use the SetTimeout function before.

We have a Teledyne Linea, and even though we’ve set the Packet Timeout to 0, we’re still getting back a half-black image if we stop triggering half-way through an image. I’m wondering if this isn’t something that actually happens on the camera? Does anyone know if there’s a way to stop this? Or at least work out where it’s happening (in the camera or the driver).

@Ben, welcome back to the forum!

No, actually this should be definately the packet timeout. Or in other words: Lets try something :slight_smile:

Can you use the CVB Viewer and try to reproduce this behavior? The viewer does have the option (“GenICam -> Transport Layer Nodemaps”) to access the Data Stream Port Nodemap and change the Packet timeout manually. If null does not work please try maximum and send us your findings.

  1. Not sure how to connect the CVB Viewer, how do you connect a camera from there?
  2. Using the GenICam Browser, we can connect to the camera, and modify the Packet Timeout - do we need to execute the Update settings command for this as well?
  3. We can’t seem to get consistently understandable results - sometimes with the Packet Timeout set to 0 we get timeouts. Then with Packet Timeout set to non-zero we don’t get timeouts. Or with a short packet timeout (I’m presuming the number is milliseconds), the timeout takes minutes.

We’re going to carry on testing, but if you have any ideas, please let me know.

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Which CVB Version do you use exactly? It seems we should countercheck this behavior.


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Ben, we will check this with a camera from our stock and come back to you.

We could not reproduce the behavior. Did you restart the Acquisition after setting the parameter? Our testing made clear that this is important so that the parameter value can be updated.

However, I think the next step should be a remote session as I wrote in the PN I send you.

Thanks to some psychic debugging from @Theo, this is fixed.

The timeout is reset to 200ms every time you connect to a camera, so if you want it to be zero, you have to set it explicitly. I was doing this, but then disconnecting and reconnecting again!


that made my day…


If I set the Packet Timeout to 0 on my Teledyne Linea, I get only completely black images. Anyone knwos a solution?

Well, I am not sure. Can you be more specific please? =)

Sorry, I should have mentioned that I also use a rotary encoder that sometimes stops and continues again (in the same direction). With the default settings I get a partly correct / partly black image in python (in the genicam browser instead of the black part, there is a part of the old image). Also when the rotary encoder keeps moving it looks like some part of the image is missing (if I stick the previous frame and the new frame together, then the object scanned by the linescan camera is not complete).
Now if I set the Packet Timeout to 0, the images are (almost) complete black. I guess it depends on the speed of the rotary encoder what part of the image I get.

If you click this button in the genicam browser;
Do you see any of these being not zero;


@CvK has a point here. The behavior you are describing could also be triggered by lost packets.

You, are right, I have bot “Corrupt Images” and “Corrupt on Delivery Images”. So it’s not the packet time out setting. Thanks for pointing out, I will try to fix this now :slight_smile:

Poor little lost packets, wandering the gigE network without ever finding their way to the host.

Let us know if that resolves the issue, although the camera specifics quickly go out of scope for the CVB forum, in which case you can, of course, contact stemmer directly via the support link on the website.

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You will find some advice here:

I configured the network card performance settings but still get partly black images. I contacted stemmer about it.