Lines missing on image

I’m using Python to extract bitmap images from a Dalsa Genie 4020. This is working well, but I am occasionally getting missing lines on the photo. These lines appear to be parts of previous images. Are these as a result of packet loss? I’ve attached an example photo. What can I do to prevent this happening? I can provide an example of the code if its helpful, although I don’t think thats where the problem lies.

Hi @Noton,

yes, the lines can be a result of lost packages due to a bad or not properly configured connection. Please check if you have your network settings according to our guide:

Also you could set “Pass Corrupt frames” to false e.g. using the GenICam browser:

  • Open the camera
  • Top right click the four bars
    – Max Visibility to Guru
    – Selected Nodemap: Set to DataStream Port
    – De-select Pass Corrupt frames

If you disable corrupt frames, please keep in mind that

  1. You might run into more timeouts if many frames are corrupt due to the connection
  2. The setting is only active as long as the camera is used. After the camera is closed, the setting needs to be reapplied.

Last but not least I would recommend to use a higher buffer count (see %CVBDATA%Drivers\GenICam.ini). As a rule of thumb I would recommend as many buffers as frames per second are required.

Btw. did you upload the image with consent of the people in it? If not could you please either censor the persons or remove the image from your post?

Many thanks!

Many thanks for your reply. Very helpful. Network settings seemed to be as expected, other than flow control. I have now disabled this, and increased the buffers. I’ll monitor and see how it goes.
We have copyright on the photo, and there are no issues with its use, but I have removed it anyway.

Thanks agin