ISO Odroid XU4 with CVB

I found here that you provide the iso with Common Vision Blox for the odroid platform, but where can I download it?

Hi @pare,

sadly this information (the document) is rather old.

The Image you are talking about is no longer created/provided.
(It simply didn’t make sense to create images for a whole list of devices)

However getting CVB to work on Odroid is easy:

  1. Download Ubuntu from
  2. Flash it on your Card
  3. Install Cvb from Common Vision Blox for 32 Bit Linux (the second list contains the arm images) (the package will contain a .sh installer)

Hope this helps.


Ok, perfect, thank you.

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One thing to point out is that the approach by @c.hartmann will yield no less than the downloadable ODroid image did (it was, after all, just an Ubuntu downloaded from Hardkernel and a suitable - but by now slightly outdate - CVB version installed on it).