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Python API The CVBpy API (see also this post) is a new object oriented Python wrapper for the SDK. It has been designed on top of the CVB++ wrapper and alongside the CVB.Net. C++ API The CVB++ API (see also this post) is a new object oriented wrapper for the SDK. It has been designed as header-only library on top of the classic C-like API. Therefore its interface conveniently uses the C++11 standard library features. C-style API Discuss programming questions concerning the "classic" Common Vision Blox API in this category. .Net API The CVB.Net API (see also this post) is a new object oriented wrapper for the SDK. It has been designed to harmoniusly integrate into the .Net API and makes leveraging the abilities of for complex applications written in one of the .Net/CLR languages easier than the classic C-like API.
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Introducing: Experimental CVB.Net, CVB++ and CVBpy API

Introduction The Common Vision Blox API is a child of its time, and the decision to restrict it to a pure C(-like) API was a deliberate and conscious one: It enabled the use of :cvb: in all popular programming environmen…

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